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We developed this software in 2016 for a company that rents equipment for events (in Hermosillo, State of Sonora, Mexico), such as tables, chairs, crockery, etc. And they need to have control of the inventory they have in the warehouse at all times: to know if for a new order in the coming week there will be enough units in stock or if they will need to sub-let it.

In these 6 years, we have improved the software according to the needs of our customers. Some also use it to rent SPACES (party halls, dining rooms for weddings, etc.), to rent vehicles and rent tools.

In 2018 we turned this software into an ONLINE PLATFORM so that other companies can also manage their own database of items, customers and orders. And we offer it in PAY PER USE mode: you do not pay anything fixed each month, but you load balance on your panel (by transfer or card) and the system deducts $0.40 USD (or the equivalent in your currency) for each order of rent of your clients that you add in the system.


It is 100% online

So: 1) you don't need to install anything, 2) you can access it from anywhere with internet access, 3) information secured with daily backups.

You only pay when you use it

There are no fixed or monthly costs. Just $0.40 USD for adding an order from a customer of yours.

Easy control over your data

History of clients, articles, income statistics for months and years on the screen (total or per article), you can even download the accumulated data in a spreadsheet.

The best customer support

By our part, we help you with any questions or we can implement any improvement you need in the system. If what you ask for is some "large size" improvement, then you will be quoted.

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Feature list

Pay only WHEN YOU USE IT (SaaS)

$0.40 USD €0.40 EUR


Example 1
  • You live in México, where the fee per order is $8 pesos.
  • You have a weekly order/quotation, so you will consume $32 pesos per month from your balance.
Example 2
  • You live in Texas, where the fee per order is $0.40 USD.
  • You have a daily order/quotation, so you will consume $12 USD per month from your balance.

Our customers

David J. - The Ibiza Boss (Spain)

We came to this site through a co-worker, and the truth is that the time we have spent with Sergi, everything has gone wonderfully for us, the treatment, the flexibility, the speed and the ease of payment and use, will make us We spend a lot of time with them.

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Test it

If you are interested, we have a DEMO to test how the platform works. Write us using the contact form below.

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